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Colonial Cottage Birdhouse - White

The Colonial Cottage Birdhouse in White is a true avian classic! Constructed of exterior grade ply-b..


Conestoga Log Cabin Birdhouse (Medium) - Natural Cedar

This classic, Log Cabin style is fashioned from interlocking pieces of reclaimed natural cedar. The ..


Cottage Suet Feeder (Blue)

Suet feeders are a popular way to feed birds particularly in the winter because the fat used to crea..


Country Comfort House - Browns/Green

This style has a lightly stained pine shingled roof, a removable back wall for easy cleaning, a 1 1/..


Covered Bridge Birdfeeder

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go......Once numbering in the tens of..


Cozy Cottage

This is the perfect starter house for the common cavity dweller. Pine shingles, two adorable benches..


Crab Cottage - Red

Part of our Beachcomber Collection of whimsical, fully functional birdhouses, the Crab Cottage Birdh..


Cuckoo Cottage Birdhouse For Bluebirds

This intricately carved birdhouse will delight your cavity dwellers. Constructed of kiln-dried hardw..


Danbury DoveCote - Large

Dovecotes are specially designed structures intended to house pigeons or doves. Throughout history, ..


Dockside Cabin Birdhouse

This sweet single Dockside Cabin Birdhouse in Blue is best suited for a variety of wrens and finches..


Dream House Feeder - Pine Shingle Roof

This fly-through gazebo feeder is perfect for just about any setting. Constructed of exterior grade ..


Dutch Colonial Birdhouse (aka Amityville Horror House)

"Constructed with today's birds in mind, our charming 1920's Dutch Colonial home sports its distinct..


Enchantment Feeder - White/Natural

Enchantment Feeder - White/Natural (Single Unit) a decorative finial on top; pine shingled roof; and..


Enchantment House - White/Natural

Enchantment House - White/Natural (Single Unit) This style has a genuine pine shingled roof, a remov..


Fairy Cottage

Charming hanging birdhouse. This style has a durable nylon cord that allows easy movement. Kiln-drie..